War arrived on the scene in a Hummer, barreling across the desert. It appeared to be an old military surplus vehicle, maintaining its military insignia, and showing a good deal of scarring on the metal. As war exited the vehicle, Death noted with some amusement that he had also decided to change his usual attire. Bedecked in some form of dress military attire, and wearing the insignia of some upper-ranking official from what appeared to be several different countries simultaneously, War looked both imposing and comical. His face, however, showed no mirth. This was the serious figure Death knew. This was a man in his element.

"Greetings, D, " he said as he walked from his car to the the shade of the tree. "I see our brothers are late as usual." He pulled a small pair of binoculars from his pocket and surveyed the surrounding desert. "I see no one coming."

"Did you expect to, War?" asked Death with loosely hidden amusement. "When have our two brothers ever been on time for a gathering? They linger on long after you have left and returned to home, as well. I am often left waiting endlessly for their antics to finish before I must clean up and return myself. We could be waiting here for some time."

At that, War finally smiled. It was not the smile one would have expected. This was an honest, warm smile that showed an obvious admiration for his brother.

"Excellent, D... most excellent. That means we have time for perhaps one game."

Death knew what was to come and waited patiently for his brother to return to his vehicle and emerge with a chess board. This board never left War's side.

"You know, D, I've only ever lost this game once... and that was to you."

"If you hadn't been so preoccupied by Pestilence's infernal ramblings at that time, you would never have missed such an obvious move." Death knew his brother was a master of no equal in the game of chess, but he also knew that it was far more fun to lose to his brother than to win. Only his brothers could beat Death in any game, and losing was a rare pleasure.

For some time, the two traded moves until, at long last, War came out victorious. He smiled again. "Thank you, D. You will always be my greatest, and most cherished opponent -- in this, or any other game."

Just as War was packing away the chess board, a faint, motorised whining sound came from off in the distance. War retrieved his binoculars again and saw, in the distance, a motorcycle approaching at breakneck speed. He could make out nothing of the rider, save that he was wearing all white.

"A rider in white approaches on motorcycle, D."

"Ah, " said Death, again with humour in his voice. "This is fitting. Famine approaches."